How You Maximize the Quality of Your Life with Behavioral Scientist Jon Levy


I'm a person who really throws myself into. Whatever i think might be able to improve the quality of life and so i would do courses and read books and so on and one of the things that i jumped into was a seminar and a seminar leader. Said something that really had me me examined the entire way. My life is set up. He said that the fundamental element that defined the quality of our lives are the people we surround ourselves with and the conversations of behalf of them and he said that means that. If you want to impact your life what you need to do is either change the conversations that you're having with people or change the people you're having them with and that was fundamentally different than what everybody else was saying. I was setting my alarm for like crazy early in the morning and then headaches news eight thousand times and skipping the gym and feeling bad about it and he's now saying maybe you should just hang out with a bunch of people who fitness as part of their life and instead of going to the movies and eating tub of popcorn you'll meet them for a run and then it becomes natural for your life while i'm a science geek. I'm a behavioral scientist now. And so i looked at the research and there was this crazy study. By these two guys chris and fowler and they were actually looking at the obesity epidemic and they were curious does it spread from person to person. I got cold or is it. A percentage of the population like alzheimer's. Right you don't get alzheimer's shook hands with somebody who has alzheimer's and what they found was startling. If you have a friend who's obese your chances increase by forty five percent your friends who don't even know them have a twenty percent increase. Chance and their friends have a five percent increase chant and this kind of effect is true for happiness marriage and divorce trait smoking habits voting habits bitterly. Everything spreads from person to person and so i figured my biggest responsibility for my life would be to not only connect with extraordinary people balloons. It could have really in tact a really meaningful impact on my life but tabs them connect with each other so it spreads further and that was kind of the piffling. The problem is i. frankly didn't come from like when those super connected rich families. My parents are immigrants. And so i had to then figure out how to connect with the people i admired

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