Judge Clay Jenkins, Governor Greg Abbott And Marine Battalion discussed on KFBK Outdoor Show


Health officials now describing a pandemic largely of the unvaccinated as the delta variant fuels and 884% Daily case increase since the middle of June. In hard hit Texas. The Dallas County judge Clay Jenkins says there are no pediatric ICU beds left in the city. Your child away for another childhood that your child will just not get on the ventilator. He's one of several elected officials in the states suing Governor Greg Abbott over his ban on mask mandates. The Pentagon says the first elements of a Marine battalion have arrived in Kabul sport the ongoing U. S withdrawal. US estimates the Taliban could take control of Kabul within a month. They have now taken more than a dozen provincial capitals. Congressman John Catcalled, the top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, tells ABC did not like the withdrawal plan when the Trump administration agreed to it and he does not like it now and right now, I think we just have to hope That the president miraculously changes his mind. You know the fact that to send 3000 troops and they're just try and get Americans out of their shows how desperate the situation is. There's a tropical storm warning for parts of the Florida Keys Fred, a tropical depression heading into the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Grace has formed in the Atlantic Ocean. It's heading West. You're listening to ABC news. Doors are now here's what's happening

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