A highlight from 334: The Days To Come Will Be Filled

Bad Voltage


Is clearly what is on. Your iphone is now on other bits of the world. Not just your iphone. Yeah he's like. What happens when you i folks states this little star and then the bomber. The pace is another little story. It says unless and list of things at the moment that list only has one thing in maybe it will always only have one in it but before there wasn't a star and now there is ladies and gentlemen boys girls welcome to bad voltage season. Three episode thirty four hope. You're all safe from well. Where have you may be the zone to visit today. On that mr language just you and i the little ones gone to this week. I guess i'm joe. Jobe could make it this week Unfortunately so you just get into of us. So it's two thirds as good as dumas. But we will actually. What's what's actually happening is that there's a massive skimmers has developed in the bad voltage team. And i don't want any way. Jeremy and we're just not going to spend time together ever again. That's the plan. Well we don't we. Don't we hate him. I vote no seconds. Authorities is a very unlikely to happen anyway. Literally everyone listening to the show already knows this. So yes we will miss him. He's a great guy but he had a conflict yet to deal with. So what we're gonna talk about today. Well first of all i would like to talk about. I pull since apple. Come up recently especially after your as far as i can tell wholesale shift to moving house inside the reality distortion field. But more importantly apple has come up for discussion in places other than by voltage stalling enough because they've decided to do an interesting thing. Which has excited a certain amount of comment so all right so is the interesting thing and then we will probably comment excitedly about this. So the interesting thing that apple on doing Which they were not before is they are having only funds scan photos to look for child pornography child sexual abuse material. See samis the time of althea. Okay but they doing that. Scanning on the phone itself on images that you've elected to upload. I cloud now pretty much. Everybody who stole photos in the cloud does this. Storage does the scanning in the cloud. I if you if you upload your photos do pretty much any photo storage service. I'm a big one. They will do scanning for child. Sexual abuse material in those photos based on a series of hashes they get from various government agencies and i cloud is no exception to that one apple have done is they decided to do that scanning on the device on your phone before clouds and a lot of people have a problem with that. It's right now hang on this. Isn't that two pieces to this address. Isn't that one is so so so let me. Because they're all pretty much jodi gonna talk about one but the two of them all sorts of data they part of this initiative apple so one of them as that they are going to be scanning your cloud photos or your photos destined for. Why cloud on your iphone to see if you have thirty or more images of known child sexual abuse material it. It among show.

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