Wells Fargo Launches Passive Bitcoin Fund for Rich Clients


Wells fargo has registered a new private bitcoin fund with us regulators. The fund is operated in partnership with the breakdown sponsor night gig as well as investments who've worked together on other funds such as i believe the morgan stanley bitcoin funds. According to a coin desk source the new wells fargo fund is passively managed earlier reports had suggested it would be an actively managed fund for wealthy clients on top of the wells fargo news j. p. morgan's passive bitcoin fund. Also a partnership with nine was also filed with the sec. Today so if you wanna know what people think of bitcoin just keep watching what they do not what they say next on the roof today. These scars of past crypto winters run deep according to a report from the wall street journal coin. B.'s has a pretty significant cash reserve at the end of june those reserves stood at four point three six billion dollars. That's up from one point. One billion at the end of last year quinn basis. Cfo lsu haas said we want to ensure that we maintain those cash reserves so can continue to invest and continue to grow our products and services in the event that we go into crypto winter. She also said that part of it could go towards acquisitions. I just want to point out that in a market that so many think is absolutely batty because it's disconnected from fundamentals. Queen base as a company is not only profitable but is keeping a large number of cash reserves on hand in the event of a rainy day. Something which basically no other companies do. So i don't know. Man maybe crypto has something figured out that other industries have forgotten last on the brief today. Brian quinn tens is stepping down from the cftc. Brian quinn tens is one of the most vocal advocates for crypto among the us regulatory ranks. The commissioner's term technically expired. Last april and he had previously planned to step down by october twenty twenty but ended up sticking around which he's legally allowed to do until the end of this year. He has been fierce about giving crypto a fair shake in policy discussions as well as advocating for the cftc's role in regulating crypto. According to the wall street journal he'll be gone by the end of the month and headed to the private sector where he intends to quote keep innovation particularly related to crypto currency and defy relevant to my career

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