Three Questions Biden Needs to Answer on Afghanistan


A head count. Don't think for a second. This is just an innocent mistake. We really have no idea how many Americans are in Afghanistan. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, we We don't do stupid. Okay. Where do we tolerate? Stupid and that's just stupid. To hold in your head. Okay? Questions how many stranded Americans are left behind? These are the questions Amid the chaos. We can't hit the bed. If you know what I mean. We have to think clearly as they focus Question number two. Why did we abandon Bagram Air Base? And why are we re taking it now? There are two runways there. It is a secure or was a secure military facility. About a 20 minute. Hello, left outside of Kabul. We could be flying planes out. Almost 24 7. We have the ability to fly out at night. There we control it. Why have it? Why did we abandon Bagram? Why haven't we retaken bargain? Fair question? No. Question number three. I said there are a lot of questions, but these are the top three. I see. Right? Why did the Afghan National Army fail fail so quickly? We know the intel was there. We know the military. Intel was there. The Afghan National Army was not ready to fight the Taliban. We know that why isn't that they felt so quickly. And why is this all basically been hidden from us? Well.

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