A highlight from [BOOK CLUB BONUS] Gabrielle Hamiltons Blood, Bones & Butter


Guys welcome back to the but club podcasts. And if you're listening to this on a regular for the podcast but them you are getting a little sneak peek into just everything. Awesome at the jet maker book club which we would love to have to be apart us. You can join us at gen happier. Book club dot com. We have seat reserved for yael. Set all right buck lovers this month like all months you turned up in the chat feed for this one. This is a ton of like robust conversation around this month's pig which i really thought there would be. I knew there would be. I've loved seeing your conversations. Joining your conversations. Really interesting around this one so i think it's pretty safe to say we all very much enjoyed. July's pit which was blood bones in butter by gabrielle hamilton. So i have said this. I have probably read. Let loads and butter ted times. It's my favorite food memoir i. She is as brilliant of writer as she is a chef and so it's like this perfect combination of a beautiful complicated romantic complex story and the all sued imagery. Of course the parts of italy or just to to not be outdone and then with lovely pros. I mean it's the best of all the world's in love it. And i love her and getting away with a fan girl. Moment like ripley bandra. I'm so happy. She is even better than i'd hoped. She's so funding in smart and wise a genuine. You're gonna love herself. Okay if you if you just under iraklis months gabrielle. Hamilton of course is she's a chef. She's an author. She's a restaurant owner. She lives in new york city and her. She tells us in her book that her ribs had food and cooking were very heavily influenced by her mother's french origins which we talked about a little bit too which gave her a really interesting food sensibility. A broader palette and even an economy around sued in that the the combination of grinded up with her mom's french rates plus being sort Spare sparse financial environment in her family. Means it in waiting until the Has served her so well ever since and so her relationship with food Probably different than most of ours. She foraged garden. Nothing ever went to wasted alleged to her talk about that. And how that parmalat were were the to her. Entire wear also gabrielle. Just happens to be a james beard award winner no big deal and the winner of the twenty eighteen outstanding chef award. Which is a really monumental accomplishment. So after whipping her way through the culinary world she just continued to extend her like rage in her fingerprint by entering the literary space. Which as a book club As you now she's a beautiful writer like an incredible writer at some point in a hey delight steal her thunder bay. When we were talking she was just telling me how like as a literary device even which she wrote about the middle section was all like he in kigen sizzle that kind of grind coming up through that you know the the new york city kitchen that she would work hard to keep her sentences. Sort of short and staccato and less syllables less words. And then when she takes us to italy with her husband in his family that she let her sentences become longer that she used words with two or three settles at a. I didn't even know this that she gets that. I've read this book so many times. But that's how good she is at writing in addition to all this incredible food that she is now responsible for putting into the world so of course me as a writer who also loves food who also wrote a cook by us could give her couldn't get enough of this conversation. We talked about where those little boys are now. Readers the club readers that we she introduced us to way back then at what. It looks like what her family looks like. Now how has evolved to in. And she's smart and she's charming and i really loved. I think she had to say today. I think you are too. I got assault encouraging a little bit hearing and even cause me to sit back and go. What do i wanna reevaluate after this last year. So you're gonna love her so so much as much as we enjoyed her buck essential. Also tell us everything she's working on. What's next so you buys. It's my genuine delight to welcome the very wonderful gabrielle. Hamilton to the show and so like genuinely happy to eight years. I've been a fan of yours for a really long time. So thank you for saying yes to this podcast and of readers in this thing and they love you. I've probably red blood bones and better. I've probably read. It should times out some kind of psychopath. i'm sure psychopathic tendencies. But i just love it. I love it. I love food. I love good food writing which is sometimes hard to fight. you know. Sometimes you find great chess great food stories but not necessarily good food writing and so you've managed to do them all and it's just a delight to read honestly. It makes me very honored and pleased that you have read more than once. Many people will say to me. Oh my god. I read it in two hours or something and i'm like oh my god that took me five years to write. Don't read it in ten minutes. Although i appreciate that. It's a quick and easy reader. I understand that you can turn the page as a it. Just combines every like for people who have it's all in there it's the delicious food words and food things but that it some drama and some you know personal. We'll get into that. But it is really when i read. I read it when it first came out and then i was insufferable. Just telling on this is your next raid. Don't speak until you've read it anyway. So

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