Johnny Depp Says Hollywood Is Boycotting Him


So johnny depp. Said he's being boycotted by hollywood as his latest film. Meena motto has yet to score a us release in a recent interview. He called his fall from hollywood's good graces and absurdity of media mathematics. That's a fancy way to say that. I've run doesn't like him right now if you forgot about his acts Amber heard she did accuse him of domestic violence last year he lost a libel case against a british tabloid rich referred to him as a wife feeder. That's a direct quote The court ruled that the content of the article was substantially true and the judge found that twelve of the fourteen alleged incidents of domestic violence had occurred. Mg mgm then reportedly switch the us release date of minimata from february of twenty twenty one to now it's tv. A and johnny depp ex Accident his lead role in the fantastic beats franchise Talking is hard day So

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