Why You Shouldn't Edit From a Paper Script With Daisy Rosario, Executive Producer at Stitcher


At it from a paper script. Use your ears now. This doesn't mean that you can't have a paper script available to you especially if what you are editing. Something that is heavily written anyone coming for maybe a more journalistic or narrative background is going to be used to having a script in front of them. If you come from mostly shows maybe less so but what we mean by that is just. Don't go only off the paper script you have to be able to listen to the audio as well And that's for a number of reasons you know you're also listening and audio. We're listening for tone. We're listening for pacing. We are listening for clarity and understanding but also i can tell you from experience. I've got notes from people before where the was very clear that they had only looked at the script. And not listen to the audio. When this happens you'll usually get notes. That are things that are just not even possible right like it might say. Cut the sentence That this person says but you can't cut that sentence if you listen to the audio and realized that the person is taking a breath in the middle or maybe they're speaking up or something about their inflection or the audio quality itself just means that you can't make that cut so when we say don't edit from paper script we mean don't only at it from a paper script that's there but you definitely want to also be checking with your audio. That's the way that our audiences are experiencing our medium.

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