The struggle is real right now. Trying to stay in a game and implement the strategies that felicia is giving you to get promoted while also try to die from the stress that we are often subjected to because of discrimination in a workplace that stress is a ravishing our bodies and yet because we have a corporate warriors that we are the you are especially as black women. You keep checking keep going you keep fighting so i'm here to help. You equip yourselves to fight smarter not necessarily harder. You see the problem at least the problem that we think is the problem is us when drama pops off in a workplace are very first stop is to wonder what we did wrong how we could have done. Xyz better. but like a prophetess naomi. osaka in apostle simone biles. You're not going to stress us out. And more and more we as black women are getting to that point where we are no longer going to accept simply being beat up in a workplace even as we are climbing the so called Ladder which you know. What a corporate lavender. Even the corporation itself is actually not a problem. The real problem is emotions emotions on both sides. You see. Discrimination is an emotional transaction because discrimination is an extreme dislike or hatred for a group or type of people as emotional as a motion

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