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Contract the delta variant. Governor Rhonda Santa said Saturday afternoon. Sarasota schools are violating state law by enacting a mask mandate without an opt out option for parents. I think it violates the parents Bill of Rights in Florida, which is state law, and ultimately, this is a decision for the parents. Friday, the Sarasota School board voted in a 90 day mask mandate with a medical opt out. I would get my phone and I would scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll scroll for all the emails I received that were saying You need to protect our Children that Sarah said a school board chairwoman. Surely Brown Sarasota joins Hillsborough. Palm Beach, Miami Dade and Broward counties and implementing a mandate a ceremony held Thursday in honor of fallen Daytona Beach Officer Jason Raynor all unit and by for a moment of silence in honor of Daytona Beach Police officer Jason Rainer, The 26 year old Ranger, was shot in the line of duty in June and died Tuesday night. Officer Rainer's funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. Both all Wallace is jailed without bail in the shooting, now charged with first degree murder, and prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty. Saturday, One lane of Collins Avenue reopened to traffic near the Champlain Tower south collapse site, They reopened Port In the far left lane of Collins that heads north between 85th and 89th streets. The road has been closed since the June 24th collapse of the building, which killed 98 people with Florida's news. I'm Kimba Tyler, everybody Jay Farner here, CEO of rocket, mortgage and rocket companies. Last year, we saw historically low mortgage interest rates.

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