Do Police Make Us Safe?


Across the country particularly in some of america's largest cities. Some crime is up. I say some. Because i've studied these numbers in some cities. Some violent crimes are up in some cities. Violent crime has actually down during the pandemic in other cities Car break ins and carjackings are up but home break ins are down and so a lot of times people will say. Crime is up but they don't actually mean all crime they mean a particular type of crime. What i see is a ton ton of fear going on about how crime is out of control. And here's the thing. listen. I care about that. I want all of us my own family and your family and your friends in your hometown and all over the country. I want all of us to actually feel safe. What i see is a lot of. Americans defaulting back to the thing that they've been taught not just for a few months not just for a few years but defaulting back to something. They've been taught for generations that police more policing better-funded policing more police officers. That all things policing is what's going to make us more safe. That is not the answer. And i don't care what anybody says. Listen to me. Clearly this is the main idea. What i'm about to say. Listen the police department in your city and in your county do not absolutely do not need an increase to their budget period point blank. Dot com budgets are being slashed all over the country for education for public health for mental health for homelessness for housing for jobs. All types of budgets are being slashed and in most american cities. The only budget that has not been cut is the budget of the local police departments who've insisted that they and they alone have the power to keep us safe. But listen to me. If funding policing kept us safe today would be the safest day in american history.

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