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An end of Long Island forecast to get hit hardest. I'm Lisa G. W o R news hurricane warning is in effect for Eastern Long Island and parts of southern Connecticut. Meanwhile, a tropical storm warning covers National County, New York City and parts of New Jersey meteorologist Jeff Mar has the forecast coming up in sports. The Yankees pounded the Twins, 10 to 2 Mets lost to the Dodgers, 322 and an NFL action. The Jets will visit the Packers later on today. Kick off is set for 4 25. Here's your W O R Weather Channel forecaster Strengthening on Ray will pose big problems across the tri state area from tonight through Sunday, with a tropical storm warning in effect for the city and a hurricane warning. Along the South Shore, eastern Long Island in southern Connecticut, as well as the storm surge warning as well Today scattered thunderstorms. A high of 83, then winded rain will increase overnight as the storm approaches landfall of 76, the strongest winds and the heaviest rain through Sunday. Tomorrow. The high of 79 rate tapers off into Monday with a high of 83. I'm meteorologist Jeff Mar. Next news coming up at nine. We're breaking news at once. Start your day with Wen Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning 6 10 weekdays, They'll take your phone calls. I'm Paul de Castro and 7 10, W. O R and NBC News radio station. The following program is sponsored by invite health who is solely responsible for its content. Welcome to invite radio. You're about to receive responsible life changing information on health and nutrition. You'll hear from invite professionals who are leaders and targeted and anti aging

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