College Football Bets: Week 1

Behind the Bets


On. Espn dot com chuck section. I've given them out daily wager. But you know we'll rip through a few here i want to start with. Ecu this numbers come down a little bit. They play thursday night against appalachian state and look. I think he's us live dog. Jay vermont talked about it as well. They have a bunch of veterans including senior quarterback and app. State's been a little shaky as well. And they have a new quarterback and chase. Bryce you might remember him. He played a key. Clemson then transferred to duke ten and a half a lot of points for team that always seems to pull games out of the hat and have crazy place at the end. I like myself getting double digits plus ten right now but still i would out jumping on on ec as long as you get double digits and maybe a little sprinkle on the money line. That could be some fun The came by actually liked the most Kinda scared about it and it's umass and everybody who listen to pod on a somewhat regular basis knows. I'm kind of the betting bully as humans. A frequent guest. Your calls me. I like to bet on bet against bad teams. Just just do it right. Like orioles season win total under. I've certainly bet against umass in the past but thirty eight is just way too many points. And i'll tell you why won't bell and umass went out and got a bunch of transfers. Their quarterback is a six foot five inch from from colorado like the university of and or colorado university of boulder. And they have two running backs that transferred in one from rutgers. So a team that was like. Fcs not too long ago or fcs quality has some real players and you only have to get thirty eight now pits good. But they're at tennessee. The following week nerd uzis not a guy who's going to run up the score. He's old school. Fourth quarter they'll bring in the is a little bit and on top of that. Probably the best handy angle. I have is the offense coordinator for pit is a guy named mark whipple. He's coached umass twice head coach. Also the most recent time was just a few years ago. This is not situation where he wants to embarrass his former program. Umass is a special place in his heart. Whipple's going to call off the dogs as well. So i just think if you can get about two touchdowns even if it's garbage time i think plus thirty eight is the play in. That game is crazy. As it sounds another game. I like is essentially a coin. Flip game and it syracuse minus one. And a half. you might remember. I've talked about it with jay motto. The over three in the win total. They're going to split time at quarterback. Babies made that announcement. I don't love it. I would prefer. Tommy devito to be the entire time but dual threat with michigan state. Sorry mississippi state transfer garrett schrader. They're just better at a lot of positions that ohio but most importantly syracuse addressed. Their offense align issues. There was a pathetic. Offense couldn't even average average about two hundred fifty yards per game. Not passing just total yards per game. The veto would be injured. A lot spent a lot of time on his back. If they're okay on the offensive line this is just a syracuse team. That's just better. No more frank. Solich at ohio. Bob cats will rotate. Quarterbacks curtis rourke. Who's obviously the brother of nathan rourke the former stud bob cats quarterback and then armani rogers transfer from unlv. Ohio's very good. They looked good last year against the too bad teams really bad teams in the mac akron bowling green. But i think use gets there which is better talent especially with vito healthy and maybe we hope and improved offensive line. Fourth play i want to talk about

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