Jen Psaki and John Kirby Can't Keep Their Afghanistan Story Straight


If you want to know just how confused things Listen to the difference between the what the left hand is saying and what the right hand is saying. This is the president's press secretary. Jen psaki. who's getting very very irritated. At steve. doocy site steve. Doocy son pita doocy because he's actually acting like a journalist asking questions and here. She says very clearly that we're even gonna leave before. The taliban imposed deadline cut seven. Jen psaki. does that mean that. The evacuations will stop before the actual thirty first and then there is time to get the troops and machinery weaponry out of there. That would be correct. Yes that there would need to be time to wind down the present. So did you hear that. A random act of journalism somebody else hate. You got to leave before the thirty first because you've got to get the military equipment out you can't evacuate everybody on the last day because then what about all the weapons. All the soldiers all the marines. And she says yeah. We're gonna leave earlier. Well we're going to get out of this so i it's it's already to roll. That was the white house now. The same question was asked of john cabbie today and what did he reply eight there will be. There will be a transition more towards getting military assets out as we get closer to the end but again we're going to continue to work the evacuation mission right up until the last day. So which is it. Biden administration is that we will stop evacuating people so we can get the military equipment. Out or will we be evacuating americans and really everybody else who can get to the airport. The thousands and thousands and thousands of afghan nationals. Who may or may not have worked for us may or may not be

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