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They have access to all of our crazy high tech military equipment, communications equipments, drones. I mean, Brian is endless. And it is boggling to see, uh, what they have at their disposal now, so we're all left wondering what our homeland security is. And what is the threat now here to us at home. And of course, our allies are concerned as well. And back to the original question of how do we get our people out? A lot of people think it's going to be money. Remember the power To cash with the Iranian deal. We wouldn't have known that Iran TV not broadcast that and then we picked it up. And now we say, I could just see them saying right now we have $5 billion frozen of There's same way those it wasn't it's their money. We're going to pretend like it's not ransom. Lara Logan has another theory and it's It's pretty scary Cut 21. While all of this is going on. What we're missing is something absolutely catastrophic, Which is that the United States government appears to have already given the Taliban an assurance that they will recognize their Islamic Emirates and you know, the Islamic Emirates of the Taliban is is the caliphate. When when it comes to Al Qaeda and Isis and everything we think of the caliphate only as being in Raqqa because Isis made a big show about it. But if you actually study Al Qaeda's works, and you see how they have functioned as a clandestine intelligence organization, their goal has been to send their ideology all over the world, and they are celebrating that. You think he's prepared to recognize the Taliban? Do you think they're do prepared to do that? So I think Joe Biden. He certainly recognizes the Taliban recognizing a terrorist organization. Does he recognize the fact that they are going to grow in strength by the hour? By the day? Are they going to be the legitimate government in America's eyes? God bless us if we do, Um, it's hard to believe the way in which we exited this war 20 years. I weep for those parents who saw the two dads on Hannity last night, man, Brian I just every time the mother who dropped to her knees at the at the casket of her son that had just come home. This is a brutal, brutal time for America. I mean, I know so many people with young kids who are trying to take Take their kids through this and explain what's happening right now. I see the veterans crisis line below Joey Jones on our TV screens right now, and it's It's just a brutal You heard the stories. Um, I mean, they hurt. They hurt as a result of Alexandria politicians lost this war. Our men and women were not losing the word every battle we confronted them with. We took him out with technology with flat about war, fighting it through the urban environments. America prevailed every step of the way they list said the Afghan troops 69,000 laws We lost over 2600. But over 20 years one is too many. I get it. But if you have a war for 20 years and was 2600, you're doing pretty well. You mentioned these gold star families. Kathryn McCollum was on a radio show. He's good friend Andrew will cow the workout majority on serious And here's what she said about her son, Riley, losing his life cut 42 genius child of 156. He could have done anything you wanted to do in the military, and he chose to be a marine sniper. But I never thought in a million years we would die for nothing for nothing because they feckless, dementia ridden piece of crap decided he wanted a photo op on September 11th every democratic listening You did this to my son to prop up a disgusting human being. Yeah, Beyond angry. I have chills when I hear that every time I hear that we have on the show today, Peter Meyer, the congressman, member of Homeland Security Committee and foreign Affairs, By the way, he was the congressman along with Seth Moulton. They thought to accurately conduct oversight that they needed to be on the ground. There. There was I like that They did it. I heard you say that and that was interesting. I'm going to ask him about is the person I've had him on our show since, um, since that trip happened, and since he's explained, or they've explained themselves. So I look forward to talking to about the obviously the events of the day. But kind of what did he see there? You know, And what are we going to do about oversight of this decision and how we how we executed this evacuation? So The Washington Post story Jennifer Griffin, an interesting take on I'll share with you. She said that she understands why the Pentagon didn't want Kabul and just to reframe it. The Washington Post had the story on Sunday and no one's really disputed it. That the Taliban was shocked that they were walking right through these cities. And then all of a sudden became clear that Kabul has been abandoned The 12,000 that we're going to fight their so called elite forces left Gwen Ghani left. They said. Oh, I have one of my fighting for the U. S. Has left. The president's left. What am I fighting for? So they took their payoffs and they left. They're not gonna fight, so the Taliban were picked up the phone, the guy they got out of prison, and it said they called the general Uh, Mackenzie and he said, Well, they said, either you take Kabul or we're going to take Kabul because the ministries are all empty and someone's got to secure the city, he said. All we want is an airport so we can leave. So they provided the security for Kabul. Now, Jennifer Griffin said they would have to needed 50,000 troops to secure Kabul and it would have been a bunch of Mogadishu's. I actually talked to military people that don't feel that way. They felt as though we had 5800 on the ground. We would provide our own perimeter. We have our own way of doing things. We have a lot of a We have a lot of equipment there, we would be able to do it and the alternative having the Taliban provide their security. How many people got rejected? Still shall urban was doing? Check check point. It's still shocking and you go back to the Democratic talking points that got circulated by Nancy Pelosi in the initial days of the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, and remember it was this administration planned for every contingency they claim did they claim did they plan for

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