Tokyo Games Week Two Begins

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So you are man. In tokyo we talked to you last when you were marveling at the robots sinking half court shots at the men's basketball games. Were going to get to men's basketball on a sack. We'll get to russell. Westbrook ben simmons because my soul still has not recovered from that saga with the sixers. But you're on the precipice of week two of the olympics and the last time we talked to you you were extraordinarily disoriented and you had a giant jar of peanut butter. So what's the mood in tokyo. These days the japanese are doing great and he's olympics ryan windhorst a week into covering the olympics from tokyo. They've won more gold medals than they ever had seen olympics. There are still protests happening but From watching the reaction of the japanese success and talking to my friends who are consuming japanese media the games have come a long way in the eyes of the japanese. and so. that's kind of ben this This whole this whole experience. You make the best of your situation. And the japanese have made the best of it and and are thriving are yes so i know you're you're still in quarantine right but you're getting out to see events and stuff. What did you see today. Yeah i went to the men's golf today and For the first time since the gulf became a sport again The us wanted the andrew. Shaw flea who is number five ranked player in the world. Outduel tedeschi matsuyama the favorite to win and the masters champion and they were actually in the final round together at augusta the masters and when mets yama one and on that day Softly cut a joke. He was in choke position. Today i was walking out. There was ninety degrees hundred. Four heat index all sweating a no fans but a lot of the volunteers for their cheering. Matsuyama on and he could have very easily blown this but he made a couple of great saves and that was great to document

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