Democrats Don't Take the Virus, the Mask Mandate, or Protecting Our Border Seriously


It's too bad. The media The Democrat Party. Do not take these Viruses and these variants seriously, it really is. They have no consistent message. We have mayors and governors Democrat to violate their own rules. We have Barack Obama throwing a swanky party 700 people. Math is Vineyard because he happens to turned 60 years old. He's not going to pass on that now. Other major events have been shut down over the course the last 18 months, but not Obama's party. We can't miss that. That's a big deal. We have Marxist riders and looters. Arsonists. They're not required to be masked. So there's a lot exceptions that a mask rule and the biggest exception, of course, illegal aliens. And thanks to Fox, we've now seen horrendous. Examples. Of what's happening on the southern border. They used drones and other means of Observation horrendous. It's not a few 100 there. There. There were 8000 people gathered pretty much in one place. More and more. We're finding that they do have this virus. Catholic charities, putting them in hotels, a second hotel like Covid Hotel. We saw the bus is pulling up. The federal federalize buses pulling up taking people on Moving them the other towns, take him the airport flying out of the area and going wherever they want. With viruses without viruses with criminal background records without criminal background records. Nobody knows we are overwhelmed. Cloward and Piven. They've busted the

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