Hugh Hewitt Calls Out Dr. Fauci Over COVID Guidance


I gotta give my colleague. Hugh hewitt credit really grew grilling anthony. Xiaojie on his radio. Show this week. Here is hugh. Dr fao cheesy on the hugh hewitt radio show here on. The salem radio network really tried to hold dr fao. Choose feet to the fire. Have confidence in the cdc and the fda. And i actually believe a lot of americans a significant part of the america. Dalit lost confidence in you. Dr fat she. Is there a point where you will say. I do more harm than good because people don't listen to me anymore and step aside. No absolutely unequivocally no you sorry i mean. I agree with a lot of the things that you've been saying. You come from a different perspective than i do. But i think the thing that gets lost in the discussion and that people need to understand and i do know that some people don't understand and don't accept it even if they smart people who evaluated in their own context is that we have been dealing with an evolving situation. And i just get back to what i said before. And i totally understand and respect your differences you that when you have an evolving situation and data are rapidly evolving something. That's unprecedented and unknown. You have to evolve with it and look at the data as it exists now and make to the best of your ability of decision a recommendation all the kinds of things that go into the evolution and things have changed. We didn't know things early on. I always get asked the question. It's a very common question. What would you have done back then if you knew what you know now. The question answers itself. If i knew. Then what i know now. The circumstances would have been different. Now you may accept that answer you may reject it. It's up to you. This is america. You get to have your own opinion. But i appreciate hugh pushing him i appreciate fallacy. Essentially admitting they were making it up all along

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