A highlight from I Guess I've Got a Boob Fetish

Pod Dirty to Me


Gave me all you anal probers. It is great to be back from the dead. It is dairy elope hanging out with my two great friends. Here man scrutiny. Bake phyllis well thank you for turning into during the night you know. We're morning more. Distal tip we go some big balls db mostly. I'm the legendary wobble jason. I'm john welcome back. Everybody thanks for. This is hardly on thieves there. You go there you. God dirty this style. Eighty sitcoms there. You go i mean as you take the ball you take the shaft to take him. It'd be like a one division and be dirty vision dirty visit. Oh man great great great so yes. Yes came across the thing on the internet the other day. It wasn't me think it was sean. Acting shirt gercy was it was me. Oh that sounds like yes. Yes leak sixty so. I got a question for everyone. Yes i which date anybody with a disability. I mean a real disability. And could you come to could you. I guess have sex with the person with the disability. And i'm not just talking about you know some someone that has problems like me. Guess i could never date somebody like legitimate. There's like there's two different scenarios that you think of like there's that old friends episode where chandler is dating. I don't know if you guys know who's sherline. Fenway is but she's fucking from the eighties and nineties a super hot and she played a chick on friends that he dated and she was missing like part of her left leg right leg or something and he didn't know because he was always wearing pants and then they went out to a cabin for the weekend and he didn't realize it and he said he was like she took her she was like i guess something happened where they were taking each other's clothes off and it was cold and he accidentally through wooden leg and the so. There's a physical disability and then like Currently watching there's a show that was on. Cbs called elementary which is basically like sherlock holmes in new york or whatever and he. I don't know what happens. I think that far. But there's in this season he goes on a case where he's he goes to has to go to some place Computer place and there's a chick there that's kinda got like an ass burgers thing where he's just very like factual and stuff but she's stupor pretty and she's like should you know. And that's ends up going to his spoiler alert if you haven't seen that season four of elementary. But she has going to his house and say hey you know i like you and all this stuff. And it's clear that he liked her or whatever and she's like do you want to kiss me. And he was like he was. Kind of like whoa. This is instead then. So she's kinda like on the spectrum right but so is he like they're they're both super super geniuses but they just aren't good emotion and that kind of connection kind of like i don't mean as an insult. I got people in my family that so. That's a rough one. Let's let's let's think on it for a second okay so go ahead so okay. Okay i got you like dating someone. It could be so many different levels personality. I can understand that. Yeah okay. you're at a party or at a bar. I would love to go to a party okay. So and then maybe this girl hits on you. Yes you guys.

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