Sunset Singalong: A Calming Short Story for Children


Our story today is sunset sing along fernando frog hopped from lily pad to lily pad. In excitement he had a wonderful idea. He was so excited for a moment. He didn't notice a shadow overhead. It was dragon hulo dragon. Fernando called lovely. Day isn't it. Dragons smiled at fernando and nodded enthusiastically. Are you busy this evening. Right around sunset. Fernando asked dragon dragon nodded. No dragon was not busy this evening. Right around sunset. Then please come back here. At that time. There will be a special frog concert tonight. Fernando said with enthusiasm dragons eyebrows shot up in surprise and then dragon smiled with up. Big big smile. Please invite anyone else you see to fernando called and drag. It nodded enthusiastically immediately. Dragon took off to find the others and tell them about the special concert. Fernando again hopped excitedly from lily pad to lily pad. This was going to be a special concert. He had to find felicity freddie and frieda frogs and enlist their help. Fernando found his frog friends on the other side of the pond sitting amongst the cool reads friends he called. I would like to give a special concert tonight. Will you sing with me. Of course said frito cheerfully great idea ready chimed in. How fun said felicity with a big smile.

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