An Interview With Author Christine Leunens


Lunes is a wonderful author. Who's two thousand eight. Caging skies was the nucleus of joe. Joe rabbit very excited to have christine in the podcast today. Christine welcome. thank you tarik so off air. We started talking a little bit about hartford because this is for those listening where christine was born. And obviously we've been listening to the podcast. I live in western massachusetts about thirty minutes away. So how long were you in hartford. Four christine so about three and a half years. So i guess the very vital first years and then we need to. We went then after to massachusetts springfield and west springfield massachusetts. Okay so you went from hartford to springfield. And how holidays you spend in springfield christine. Listen i think. I was seven years old when then we went down to florida and then from florida i went to university and then as a teenager. I went to paris in my younger years. I did go stock because my mother was italian italian-born and my father was belgian and so as a teenager. I was just very interested to go back to europe and discovered the family the family in belgium the family in italy Yes and that makes a lot of sense. Let me ask you so. I want to get into your move in pairs and the second in your your education you move to paris as a teenager and i know that i hope i have this correct. You have a very close reporting relationship with your grandfather. Is that correct christine. Yes that is so he was. He was living himself in paris at the time so he was belgian born but living in paris since over thirty years when i was there so it was quite exciting because he was painter and he did sculpture to and we used to go to museums and we used to discuss art poetry and it was just very exciting to be there and discuss architecture and in fact he was the one who told me. I'm going to be a writer one day and i didn't even believe it was

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