A highlight from Kelly Carlin - Woman On The Verge


Mental. Health comedy podcast. I made crasnick your co host. My co host the great jennifer kalari. Coming up shortly. Thank god one of us is licensed because on this show. We not only talk about mental health practice skills. You heard me right. Nothing wrong with your hearing. Mental health is practiced. We never do nothing. Nice as we always do it. Nice and rough like tina. Turner dancers and the kelly. Carlin show kelly. Carlin will join us shortly. We have a lot of things to take care of on today's show. We're gonna talk about transformation we're gonna talk about the ability to see yourself for who you are. We're gonna talk about change all kinds of change and certainly we've all been through tremendous changes this year this past couple years. And so we're gonna talk a little bit about change and how to deal. Today's show is brought to you by new hug. Get out hug it. Out is a new kind of blanket that is made to be wrapped with special buttons. That hold your arms in place to make it easy to hug yourself often. We need a hug or hand on our heart and sure it's great to get it from a partner a loved one but that can also come from you. It happens with very soft material. one hundred percent pima cotton. It can be worn as a bathrobe or a blanket. Or a throw for a very comfortable straightjacket. I would say tablecloth. But i'd be lying and when you're using how get out you don't need to lie as much

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