A highlight from Tennis.com Podcast 7/20/21: Training Pro & GTP/Wow Sports CEO Cameron Lickle


Our sport a risk taker a guy with a lot of experience in the game both from traveling alongside some former presidents players but also looking at was wrong with the game and trying to see how we make it better for each other His name is cameron licko camera. Thanks for joining us now. Pleasure be here and thank you so much for having me and thank you for that awesome introduction. I mean you know. It's always nice to see somebody seeing the game from so many different sides and is sort of not jaded by the game. You know a lot of times we get we get in this this small little tennis bubble and we sometimes get lost in it and not looking at how we can improve as as a system how we can grow to base sport how we can make the experience better for everybody in it right because there's no perfect system and you had one on the people that i would say at least making an attempt to sort of challenge what what's going on. Tell me a little bit though about how you got in attendance. I mean i stumbled upon the game. But you know i was just interested to know how i got introduced to the sport and i just if i can just to give back the kudos to you for what you're doing for the game because been a fan from afar and everything that you contributing to the sport i know how hard it is to create and i'm gonna admire what you do and thank you for all you do for the sport and for taking the time to listen to me today so Bank right back at ya but you know. I'll give a quick short story of how i got into the to the game. But i i've been playing since i was a kid. played four years at the united states naval academy Had to do five years active duty afterwards and decided. After the years. I was going to pursue my dream of professional tennis and played for about a year in the futures grinding it out and mexico living in a holiday and with four dudes. We've all been there and you know my path. My path in tennis has been. I think fairly unique. Because from that i ended up being lucky enough. I met a guy named max. V lander and we started accompanying together called v. lander on wheels where we traveled an rv for the better part of a decade going to people's backyards to play tennis. And that's kind of what stamp my passport now. How does that. Because i also got my introduction to professional tennis legend named garrison. I've worked along side of her and she's sort of held my hand through Walking through the players lounge for the first time and walking past fed and the doll and never too low and everybody else And just teach me how to navigate that space. How was that working alongside matt. Because i've heard some stories. He's a wild boy. So i'm interested to see you know what you what you can share about. Matt's who is who is a legend in a game Still somebody that is like loved. Yeah no i mean it was a privilege. It was really a couldn't have written a better script for me From coming out of the military and in doing that with him He taught me an awful lot. You know the professional side of of the of the game a love for the game. That guy loves tennis. It's pure. I mean there was there is no fakeness to what every how everybody says man. He really loves it. It is a huge love with it. and really

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