Do Christians Want to Stay in Their Ancestral Homelands or Escape to Safety?


It's a tough question. And of course taught to generalize but from the people you've met the families your helping and you're trying to feed the christian communities want to escape to safety or do they want to stay in their ancestral homelands. What what's what's the overall sentiment of the christians who've lived there sometimes for two thousand is ninety nine percent of the people that i speak to at least are all wanna stay. They don't wanna leave because they don't want to go to a foreign country and start a new language and everything. I rescued an older couple Husband was eighty seven years old. The wife was is eighty. Four years old and i was asking them. I said you know we're gonna we're gonna. We're gonna move you to australia. They had nothing. I pull them out of a really dangerous place and husk assyria. And i and i said how do you feel about that. And the husband looked at me and with tears in his eyes he looked. I mean he said. Do i have choice. If i had a choice i would prefer to die where i was born. This is where this is where i raised my family. Why do i want to go to another foreign country and at my age tried to learn a new language. It's it's very difficult for me. He said i. I would give anything to stay here But i also am very grateful that at least i could live another day to see my my my grandkids Lou survive and live so many of them want to stay and the churches oftentimes the leaders of the church's bag. They say please please. Please don't take anymore christians in the middle east. Don't move them to other countries. We cannot afford to lose more people and you know i said okay. Fine you know. Find me a place where i can bring them and keep them safe. Because it's it's not. It's not easy when you're in the middle of this. Big ju political fight i mean right now. You know syria. I'll use syria as an example. It's it's a testing ground for for the russians. The try out their new weapons. Trial all this stuff. There's a lot of electronic warfare going on between the united states and the russians on the eastern side of syria. You've got the turks in there you've got you know. Think of every alphabet soup of radical group leadership has been shopping. I mean i can go on and on and the christians are in the middle of all of this You know and they get persecuted so we only hear about the cds and the kurds but we never hear about the

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