Michigan Lottery Winner Drowns With Ticket Still in His Wallet


Story out of michigan gregory jarvis fifty seven years old. He won forty five thousand dollars in the lottery. That's a life changer. Too great story. He hit the jackpot at the blue water in he played the club. Keno add on game. The jack the owner don sqi told wjr t. flint. Very nice guy. He was here every day. He was super excited. Forty five grand but he wasn't able to immediately cash in is winning ticket because he didn't have the proper documentation he didn't have a social security card so he had to apply for a new one and he was waiting while waiting. He went out into the lake. He slipped and fell and hit his head and drowned with the lottery. Tickets still in his pocket a body. They found the body along the at a private beach. The small here on county city. A body washed ashore. It was him. The police chief said he died after drowning after striking his head. His boss said he was planning to take the money and go see his sister and his dad. In north carolina the winning ticket was retrieved from his body and handed over to his relatives now. So sad story to be sure. It's a sad story but it's a lifelong live your life enjoy your life. There are things more important than the arguments were having in the political battles were having. They are plenty but when you get frustrated when you get annoyed when you get anxious and depressed think about the tale of fifty seven year old. Greg

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