A highlight from S3 E226: Mindspeak --Puerto Rico


This is mine. Speak and i'm your host mark. Anthony rousey today. We're going to be doing a show about puerto rico. It's going to be different than than most shows. Because it's not really just about puerto rico or even its culture and we're going to definitely talk about those things 'cause their importance. But i have a lot of personal connections with with puerto rico a in my own life over the years and recent events made it this much that much more important to talk about for me so i wanted to do a show that Amongst the few places in the world. That i really had a connection with especially with the with the people Puerto rico comes to mind and didn't want to discount it and and my life for I certainly have my writings. Because i really didn't even know where to start on something like that so i thought the show would be the best way to kind of open up and talk about that and have a i. I find a fun and interesting. Show a different spin. If you might want to say on it now. I wanted to play this. This is a music of importer. Rico called bomba. It's the oldest of of the music of importer rico over four hundred years old and turns of its creation in style. There's a lot of forms of of music from puerto rico. He got seltzer. You got meringue game. They got you got a number of them over. The i probably like seven or eight different types and most of them involve of course some kind of a singing in spanish and you know as much as i blow puerto rico. I've never really exactly embraced. The language is spanish there's never been a forte of mine or trinta mina languages in general but the great thing about bombay is percussion based does not often a lot of singing going on. Because it's more about two percussion in the various dancing that that transpires during during the music. And it's probably one of the reasons why elected so much because it seems to be very theatrical and in many ways a very very beautiful so i play a little bit that fully and then we can kind of go from there. Okay now hopefully that will at least give you an idea of that type of of music. The important thing about bomba is not just that it's four hundred years old but it's it's strictly a an african creation brought over a by a by african slaves from the from the europeans to puerto rico. And we'll talk about how that all merged but it is really in particular culture that the foundation of many of the musical forms that they were able to create later on and It's it's not only beautiful but it's really a sight to see and we'll we'll talk a little bit about that as we go along with this show. I wanted this pretty much start pretty much from that. From the beginning of puerto rico is because sometimes people who are not from the east coast. Just don't have a direct relationship but all with anybody yet puerto rican. There's lots of people don't know about puerto rico and maybe people who listen to the show. My actually get a bit educated about this. Because i'm always surprised by people's lack of information about puerto rico. I guess you just take it for granted on things that you know already. 'cause you grew up around that sort of thing but it's amazing how the so much about the culture that people do not understand. So let's start with a little bit education about that okay Puerto rico is actually spanish for rich port which i always found funny about languages in general and particularly the language is spanish. Is that many times the word or even the phrase or possibly even the location could be very specific. So you think about it and an english. I mean Where you live at live over the rich port. It doesn't make any sense In english sort of thinking way but in in the spanish and makes a lot of sense. Because it's not really about you know. Let's call this some cool name. It's really just about reporting we.

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