The Informal Settlements Reshaping the World

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When i was six years old growing up in columbia. I made one of the most baffled decisions of my life. I asked my mother to change me in the school to this cool words. She was teaching my surprise. She say yes so. I switched from my reach private catholic school to a public school where ninety nine percent of the students leaving condition of extreme poverty. Only meal some of my friends ate today was the one that was given a school. My friends and i live close to each other worlds apart. I live in a neighborhood with a museum a library parks and they live in a neighborhood. We lack of the most basic necessities. So just whatever. Water tweeted more importantly leaving a place surrounded by danger from guns two landslides. There's still funny was not unique up. In the mountains and dean informal settlements thousands of families were having the same problems that my friends under families fearing that the police or the rains will take their homes away. I learned so much from my friends. With what continue to surprise me. The most is there. Asean and optimism in the face of adversity. Growing up with people that i care. He's with had lived me to this informal settlements. I teach now at the university of colorado boulder in the province of environmental design. I still waiting for moments. Because even if they're invisible to most of us. Dave represents one of humanity's biggest challenges and yet they provide great insight. Yuko cd's develop and innovate.

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