How to Talk to Your Kids About Food

Food Issues


What are some challenges that you see parents have when they talk to their kids about food and meal so you generally work with adult is that right i do and i you know i do have a program that i work with But admittedly a vast majority of my practice is adults. Okay but even still with their kids you know like i see it all the time where we'll get on the you know for our session and they're like so. My kids did this. And this is where it's showing up. And here's how i handled that or whatever and i think it's hard because we have concerns right. We can see the writing on the wall and it's hard to know we'll do say something. Do we not say something and the other side of it is. I think most often especially when kids well even as young as like five or six. I think we don't give them enough credit. And by that i mean they're already watching and paying attention. It's non even about what you say. It's what we're doing so they notice if you're eating something different than the rest of the family you know. They notice if you're saying oh i can't have that i'm trying to lose weight and so i think oftentimes the challenges are actually less about well. I guess it's twofold you know it certainly is what our kids are eating or not eating but also more than anything. It's about recognizing it's not just about what they eat or don't eat so when we talk about foods though. Should we avoid aid. Labeling foods good bad healthy unhealthy but we all fall into it. Ray we all say these things. Yeah we fall into it. Because we are looking for ways to label ourselves you know and i think the idea that we have to label foods is also sort of a challenge. Avoid the good bad healthy unhealthy black and white approach to food so when we talk about it with kids talk about it as an regiders an energy zappers right so the energizer foods are clean lean protein veggies and fruits and some whole grains and those kinds of things in the energies zappers. Are those things where we feel great for few minutes and then we're exhausted or we can't concentrate after

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