House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Adam Kinzinger And Fox News discussed on The Investment Hour


Finding the truth. I'm Pam who so Fox News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says That's what a special committee investigating the capital riot will do. The panel meets for the first time on Tuesday. Maybe the Republicans can't handle the truth. But we have a responsibility to seek it to find it and in a way that retains the confidence of the American people. The speaker who was on ABC is this week has appointed a second Republican to the committee congressman Adam Kinzinger, who said he will work diligently to hold those responsible for the attack fully accountable. Last week, Pelosi rejected two Republicans selected by minority leader Kevin McCarthy. Congressman Jim Banks was one of them. Well, it's more clear than ever. The Nancy Pelosi is not interested in investigation. She's only interested in a narrative congressman Banks on Fox News Sunday. Soaring cases of the coronavirus have the U. S in an unnecessary predicament. That's according to the nation's top infectious disease expert who says the CDC is reconsidering mass guidelines even for the fully vaccinated. The potential move comes as many Americans prepared to return to their workplaces. You should feel comfortable. We want you back in the office collaborating, so that means get vaccinated. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo on CBS's face. The Nation Vaccine booster shots are also being discussed to the southern border with the Texas governor says migrants and drugs are flowing. When you put all law enforcement agencies together, they have seized more fentanyl to kill to kill every man, woman and child in the United States of America. All it takes is two mg for to be a lethal dose Governor Greg Abbott on Fox's Sunday morning futures. The White House maintains the border is closed. America's listening to Fox News Jason in the house that Jason Chaffetz podcast. There is always someone doing something stupid somewhere dive deeper

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