A highlight from Episode 230 The Yarn Wall

The Moratorium


Hey guys this is krista from the moratorium and you like grizzly gore mysteries. Of course you do. That is why. I suggested you subscribe to my blog. Suspended animation dormitories waiting to be told we had the moratorium offer a number of tales from ax men running around new orleans to phantoms in texarkana. And if you're feeling especially generous head over to our patriots where for just a couple of bucks a month you can help the moratorium grow and that would be pretty kick ass and remember long. Vhs after watching most of david cronenberg's movies. It may be necessary to console psychologist or a psychiatrist or possibly even both here at the moratorium are therapy. Is the yarn wall. A barrage of trivia and laughter and the thread to next week's movie for the full effect of our madness. Strap yourself in and bite down on a stick.

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