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Many hockey oh is gearing up for another fight. This time to be president of the philippines the filipino boxing icon accepted his party's nomination to be their presidential candidate. At a boxing political convention on september nineteenth patio who is forty two is currently a philippine senator so he has political experience and it is being rumored that he was being rumored to retire after. Losing about two Your dennis you gus. In august pock yo released a statement. Saying i'm a fighter and i will always be a fighter inside and outside of the ring nacchio said at sunday's party event all my life. I haven't backed down from any fight. Nothing if is impossible if it's ordained by god. Don't you love that. I'm telling you right. Now he's the next president of the philippines. I've been there before. They love what was sent to me. This is the order of the philippines. It is the president slash king. It is manny pack. How it's miss universe. And steve harvey your fourth. That's fourth into philippine. You listen to me. I can't go nowhere overseas and anybody from the philippine sea me. This counts seats in the front anything. Wow oh i'm telling you mad that when i went out there and gate at crown back to that girl right there because you don't understand it's the president is manny pacquiao dinners miss universe. That's the pecking order in the philippines of important. Then you and then steve harvey asked junior was over there with you right junior. You saw junior. I'm tom but he got on caravans. Taking him around well never four. Yeah that's really cool. Steve yeah so so you're saying without a doubt he'll be the next president of the phyllis no doubt. It does no one more popular than this man in the philippines. Nobody and he's a good guy is no way he can get beat. Well he said nothing is impossible if it's ordained by god. He said that he no holy person. Could run against him in the philippines as donald trump. and then he'll say that election was read the big lie. Wow okay yeah. I like how. He's you know been able to go to be in the ring. And then now he's in politics. He gonna win. He gonna win. I make a difference. Yeah leadership yeah all right coming up at thirty four minutes. After the hour stay woke steve harvey nation. We'll talk about voting registration. And what's going on in texas right after this. You're listening to morning. Show stung the hats. Stop the attacks. Stop the attacks. And star take your. It careers of next level the master's in cybersecurity from stevenson university online. Keep you

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