The Media Propagandists Are Not Driven by Profit, They're Driven by Power


People will say the media only cares about click bait getting traffic to their websites and making money. Now that might be true if they're writing about donald trump that might be true if they're writing about conservatives but that is not the primary motive for the regime media for the people that run apple news for the people that run washington the washington post. Run the new york times for the people that run. Cnn what is the incentive structure for the people that control the major places of distribution. It's not profit. You see the propagandists in the media are not driven by profit motive. They are driven by a power motive. They want to get keep the current ruling class. They do not want to do muckraker. Journalism like either be wells. They do not want to reveal the corruption or inequity to use their own word. Like upton sinclair did instead the media they have become the pretoria guard for the people that are the most powerful now they will go after conservatives. That are powerful. They'll go after people that love their country that are powerful but they will not lay a glove on the fda on hhs on pfizer. Madonna astrazeneca instead. They will pledge fealty to those organizations. And i know this to be true. Because i have been stunned at even at how some conservative organizations have been ignoring the project. Veritas story i think most conservatives are ignoring the project veritas story because what is being revealed by. James o'keefe makes people very uncomfortable that you're public health agencies in the fourth branch of government that is unelected unchecked and filled with unknown administrative state paper shovellers in the bureaucracy

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