Guterres Condemns Yemen Executions by Houthis

UN News


U. n. secretary general antonio guiterrez on monday urged world leaders to take action to get sustainable development back on track before it's too late to change course at a meeting in new york on the sidelines of the un general assembly. He insisted that the road to recovery after kovic was mapped out clearly highlighting several challenges. The un chief said that corona virus vaccine production needed to double to reach seventy percent of the world's population by the middle of next year. Bold investment was also needed in education welfare protection healthcare and jobs. Mister guitarist continued at the digi moment. Event as he urged an end to tax evasion money laundering and illicit financial flows the third global challenges ensuring equal rights for women and girls including in education everywhere. The un top official maintained as leaders heard his call to put an end to the warming lead against a planet. The only way to do this by committing to zero net emissions by twenty fifty said mr perish by dedicating one hundred billion dollars a year to climate action and by saying no to more coal-fired power stations after twenty twenty one

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