Boris Epshteyn on Today's Election Audit in Arizona


So let's talk about frankly. It's been delayed for months. The arizona owed it. A lot of people are losing faith. Eunice got off the phone with somebody so talented baras one. Can we cautiously expect. Well you know sources of source. So i've been as you know. I've been staying abreast of what's going on in arizona really keeping a close eye on it and make and here's the deal. The audit and audit report should be the audit and audit report. The numbers don't lie ride. The process doesn't lie. So what what. I wanna make sure. Is that when we get tomorrow is the exact representation of what was found. Isn't watered down in any way is from what i understand from what i'm hearing. We are going to see numbers which reflect ballots and issues which are magnitude higher than the difference between president trump. joe pike county alone this mockup county alone. who's doing the audit. And do we trust them. Cyber ninjas doing the audit doug doug logan do we trust them yes and they've shown to be good people to show be honorable people that never. I don't think they've done something like this before. Because nobody's ever really done a full forensic audit of nobody's but it's a tough slog has been and also you gotta remember maricopa county's done everything they can to not turn over that of the nation and because the doj's heavy-handedness an audit to be two parts to recount. What you count the ballots and figure out which ones are authentic. Not anna

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