Dan and Sean Davis of the Federalist Discuss the 'Narrative Game' of the Liberal Media


When you and I want to make an argument about taxes for example like the whole tax the rich thing At least we know the data And we can articulate a strong economic case why you know we like or don't like a policy The left can ever do that You see these new tax the rich calls from AOC and the buffoons out there And they did you ask people how much do the rich pay the top 1% And they never know You see this with voter ID two Ted Cruz called out Richard blumenthal up on the hill yesterday in the Senate about voter ID being racist asking him why the minority turnout in his state that doesn't have voter ID Wasn't as good as it was in Georgia where there is voter ID They just never know anything It's all euphemisms word games lies and manipulation And we don't do that You're right yeah They're entire game is the narrative It's something that we should have been included on back during the Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax thing from Sabrina Ruben early who just kind of manufactured with the help of an activist there the story out of whole cloth that never actually happened in your recall she referred to herself the reporter Rolling Stone is a narrative journalist That her purpose was to further particular narratives And any more the narrative is the whole game and that's why CNN and MSNBC and Washington Post New York Times and big tech why they are all so focused on making sure that nothing that can crack the wall of their narrative that can crack the dam and have actually facts coming through Can ever see the light of day because they don't care about the fact they care about power and their ability to maintain power is based on their ability to force a narrative into our eyes and ears and prevent any other competing narratives from ever coming

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