COVID Vaccines Required for Navy SEALS Under New Pentagon Plan


Have breaking news from john. Solomon of just the news that will be very very impactful to our capacity to actually wage was even when the generals done what they're doing john. Welcome back to america i. What is the story that you sent me. Just literally seconds before you came on air literally just broke so we have talked to lawyers and a minister representing several hundred navy seals. The most elite special operators are military trains in fact that caused a half million dollars just to train single seal so these are people put a lot of investment and trust in and they deliver with extraordinary courage and all the operations we know about there being told that if they don't get the vaccine the covert vaccine they will no longer be able to play with their seal team's essentially they will be sidelined and their seal cares will be over. This is very important because some of these sales already had a covert so they believe they have natural. And you don't need the vaccine and others of them have a religious objection to they. Do not believe that there's enough data on the safety to inject it into the body and they're asking for more time they're not anti vaccine because they take lots of vaccines as part of their deployments. They're just concerned about the safety data on this particular vaccine and re pentagon's response according to two lawyers and one of their ministers is that if you don't get it you're not going overseas again well. In van case capacity to deal with terror threats will be drastically diminished. We don't have unlimited supply of seals. John so this. This is a very serious on Impact upon our capacity to keep americans. Safe

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