Self Love to Improve Your Relationship


Let's dive in and have you tell us maybe what it is about self love. That is so important. Why it's hard to do. And then we'll talk about the steps to get there and how it's going to help us fantastic so first of all. I want to see that the word self love may not resonate with you and that's okay. Sometimes you wanna start even more neutral web appreciation or respect or even a sentence. And i like to think of it. As if you're working for a boss that was always putting you down. You were never enough. There is always moving the goalpost on. You always reprimanding you for for every little mistake. Email is putting you down. You would do just the bare minimum in that role to avoid criticism to not get in trouble. You would not thrive and ultimately you would quit as soon as you spell. We are typically not everyone falls into this category but the women that i work with country because they are been so hard on themselves and their so negative with themselves any impact. Some all the time in the thing is that when we have the soundtracks these thoughts is always constantly putting ourselves down not appreciating ourselves. Stop being enough. We don't even know it's happening. Because we've been playing that soundtrack we've been thinking those thoughts we've been speaking to ourselves in that way for so long and when you don't feel good about yourself and you don't love yourself for yourself or appreciative south. It's really hard to show bullying relationships with others as well. I have so many women. I work with that. They'll tell me if an assurance of a week or two into our kuching programs that they're espouses will remark on how much happy they're happier there. How much more present. They are how much happy. They're just by working on a little bit of self preservation. Self respect self south love self acceptance.

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