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To the derek car fumble steve the sager let me know that in the final two minutes you can't fumbled the ball forward and jit credit for the the yardage right so if the raiders had fallen on the football before it went out of bounds they would have maintained possession but it would have gone back to where the all example angled i got you yes definitely irony guys it was the raiders that caused the rule change wire when john madden was cozy that is ironic but it this it brings it full circle think about this how crazy the fumbling out of the end zone rule is if the raiders had fallen on the ball they would have maintained possession at the spot where it was originally fumbled the cowboys didn't have to recovery the ball and got the ball at the twenty yard line the how crazy is that i'm with you that support that makes no sense it makes no sense i just igbe you should have to recover the football to forget of what you hear possession of abdel lulu as crazy as the way it is all over the field except the end zone it literally makes no sense but someone who makes a lot of sense our guys steve the sager he's going to spin as the around what's going on the mary christmas to your both official absolutely you too and it's a great night is we are not sitting outside in green bay wisconsin tonight where it is nine degrees in the packers are what's left of them are getting shut out by the minnesota vikings ten nothing in the second quarter era on your out hold distal the coldest game you went to steven like the mid 50s where you wearing.

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