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Even though it may look right now like


Where we would see bell check without Brady because Brady was retiring not because Brady was gonna go somewhere else so I thought we would eventually get to see bill without Brady I did not think we would get to see Brady without bill but now we will now we get to see both and where to see it this year this coming season you're going to see bill Belichick without Tom Brady for a full year and Tom Brady without bill Belichick for a full year my money's on Bella check even though it may look right now like Tom Brady is in a better spot you know the NFC could be wide open the box have some weapons people are expected in the at the very least be a playoff team and you look at a patriots and say well the bills have gotten better the dolphins have gotten better the jets have gotten better even maybe not with sexy moves only to see what they do here with wife will you know Robby Anderson and the rest of the lives you but still I think you could argue that all those teams have gotten better well the patriots have gotten worse because it on the quarterback but it is very interesting to think about how this is going to play out to where you're going to watch bowls without each other

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Even though it may look right now like

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