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I have to confess. Hi My name is Ben. And I'm a movement addicts love to move. I love to try different ways or one of the easiest things to do or to have in your home if you WanNa have some sort of a resistance. Training system is to set up some sort of suspension trader. Not going to be able to be willing to bounded suspension trainer from their ceiling in their living room. I can tell you it's pretty easy to mount into a beam and I can take these down. Company comes over if you could also pick up a gray and these are pocket monkeys suspension trainer. There's T- Iraq's there's a couple other brands the most important thing is to have something my best recommendation to you. This is make sure that you purchase something from somebody and don't faint all. I can make something like that better than I than I could buy because I've tried. That doesn't work. One of these suspension traitors resistance training is also really beneficial when you travel. They have announced as you slam it in Your Hotel Gore that also were slamming your outside door to hold an advantage you had here after. Cova nineteen passes along with social. Distancing is you can travel to and from. The Gen Ed's very sad time but if you have a suspension traitor you can pretty much do a whole by resistance. Exercise and one of the options real simple option does this suspension trade. Now if your wife husband significant other doesn't want you hanging a suspension trainer from living room or maybe you don't have a good place where you can mount it. You've got some other options you could do for movement resistance training. You can use medicine balls. These waited medicine balls than you could actually take outside and slammed island ground if you look around on facebook. Marketplace in a lot of the fitness places are offering free shipping. Now so that's an option. Don't think of it as a two or three week period while we're doing social distancing or even longer if it turns out to be that but think about it as a lifetime so you always have something. Paul if you can't make it to your favorite fitness class or maybe your favorite workout buddy says I'm sick. I can't work out with you so many other things you have. There's something out there called. Rmt Club which you can do a variety of moving exercises. I could spend a lot of time telling you how to use it but youtube is your friend. There are a lot of videos just as a weighted club. I believe they come in two four six eight pound versions and actually has steel shot at it. You use it kind of like a macer. Mesa's I can tell you that there are incident number of exercises. You can do with a base or the Indian named the gotTa and again rather than showing you how to use it. I know audit has some videos and on instagram. There's a guy may span who actually teaches classes for these the idea behind this is even social distancing if you have a mason. Rmc Club you can go out of your backyard and you can swing your club or sleet your mace to your heart's content. Remember if you're doing a new activity it's a novel activity. Don't Overdo it a big take home message from this film. Pg AGENT MOVING TO LIVE VIDEO. In addition to making dogs art of your lifestyle is not to be afraid to do your some of your movement a home. Don't be afraid to slowly acquire phys equipment if you don't WanNa suspension trader if maybe you don't WanNa do baser. Rmt T club and you're not happy with medicine balls. There's always a lot of fun to be had with Indian clubs so tell you starting out start out with a one or two pound set can find them. On various Internet shops. There are a lot of again videos out there. The show you how to do it. And the advantage of all these videos you could watch it. You could feel yourself. You can get some feedback if you don't have a personal trainer or certified strength conditioning specialists who can help you. The other thing that you can do is I have over here. I haven't adjustable but wait dumbbell so this is a dumbbell. It actually goes from five to forty five or fifty pounds. I have a settlement. The other ones behind me here on stands so I can do. Various dumbbell works upper body and lower body. We don't expect everybody to have a road extension machine or actually back extension bench. The reason we don't expect everybody to happen. Is there a little bit pricey? I've had a history of back problems and I found some of the things that I do on this help. Keep my back healthy. Knock ON WOOD. We also use instead of events sometimes a rogue pile platform just because it allows for options while platform or bench is very beneficial again. The idea is to give you the opportunity to do resistance training and to keep active because we really treat movement a

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