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Or okay with social distancing then get back inside president trump offered praise it to congressional lawmakers for quick action to help with the corona virus of related economic losses this month ABC sandy fields in Washington the president saying that for now the relief bill will make it well for Americans to stay home just relax stay home the president saying checks are coming soon to American citizens earning less than ninety nine thousand dollars per year three thousand four hundred dollars for the typical family of four Mr trump also saying he may ask states to re open the country in stages the president also held a virtual meeting focused on the pandemic with the leaders of the twenty four most industrialized nations it was a G. twenty video conference much of the international economies also feeling the impact of these twenty nations of the major economic powers of the world are now in coordination to try to mitigate further economic impact we're hearing from inside what New York City mayor is calling the epicenter of the epicenter in the outbreak ABC's whit Johnson Dr Colleen Smith at Elmhurst hospital in queens New York sharing her story with ABC news and The New York Times the first thing about all this is it really just feels like it's too little too late like we did it