Japan, International Olympic Committee agree to postpone Tokyo Games

First Take


Breaking news this morning here on I? The International Olympic Committee has officially postponed the twenty twenty Tokyo Olympic Games. Pushing them back to the summer of Twenty Twenty One. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he IOC President Thomas Bach agreed on the postponement saying quote. We have to think about the current outbreak of the corona virus. End Quote. The Tokyo Games were scheduled to be held from July twenty fourth to August Ninth Uso. Sarah her sean sent a message to the USA athletes which read in part despite the feeling of eventuality that so many of us have felt in the lead up to this moment. My heart breaks for you. Your fellow athletes around the world. Our friends at Tokyo. Two Thousand Twenty the people of Japan and all who are impacted by this global pandemic in the decision to postpone the Tokyo Games twenty twenty. We heard your concerns and we share them. I thank you for being so forthcoming with your perspectives and also for allowing us the time to hear from your teammates across all sports before making a recommendation to the with this decision. The work of planning a new version of the Tokyo Games is now officially under way.

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