Coronavirus fears shadow this year's March Madness



Twitter should the NC double a tournament games known as March madness be played in front of zero fans only in front of television cameras because of concerns over the corona virus the national college Players Association has asked the National Collegiate Athletic Association the NC double a to consider holding March madness without an audience present due to the emerging corona virus threat is that of going overboard I don't think so in fact I think it's a bigger concern for the fans but it is for the players and for the rest of us if you understand that this disease is as we heard last night from doctors it sends people to the hospital substantially more often than the seasonal flu it also has a mortality rate that is substantially higher than the seasonal flu for anybody who tells me one more time this is just the like the seasonal flu yes it's just like the seasonal flu accepted send Jew to the hospital a lot more frequently than the seasonal flu and it kills people a lot more frequently than the seasonal flu other than that yeah there are somewhat similar and one of the little tidbits that I got out of last night's interview with a medical expert from what World Health Organization who is a doctor himself is that covert nineteen which is one of the corona viruses corona and for people to say well isn't sars the corona virus corona virus is a type of virus yes sars is in the corona virus family so is coded nineteen but one of the details he said that I had not seen in any of the other reporting I believe me I've read a truckload of the other reporting on this subject in the last two months now since this first emerged in early January is that in simple terms laid terms the seasonal flu likes your nose your throat your mouth and your guts that's where it likes to live coronavirus or cobit nineteen likes your lungs I mean different kinds of bacteria different kinds of viruses in this case like to live in different places where we're all familiar with the idea that there are certain kinds of bacteria and certain kinds of viruses it like different parts of your body to live in they like the environment the regular seasonal flu your nose your throat your mouth and your god covert nineteen likes your lungs and why is that important well because one of the side effects and we saw the very first man who came back from China we didn't know about covert nineteen dad the Chinese barely knew about it they only reported on the first of January but he came back to a place called Bellingham Washington and he had a dry cough for four days that's one of the harbingers of code nineteen is that dry coffee added for four days he finally went in for some medical care they said we're going to isolate you that guy went down hill for the better part of a week and he was already under medical care he ended up with pneumonia in both of his lungs and if you don't believe me I'm drawing that from the New England journal of medicine and a technical medical report on what happened in this guy's case so he goes to the hospital he finally gets out fourteen days later and he's recovered now why is that a concern when he entered the hospital they give a chest X. ray no no manana a few days later lower long pneumonia a few days after that both lungs pneumonia now that sounds like a fairly aggressive disease and the tidbit from the medical expert last night on this program saying covert nineteen likes to live in your lungs why is that important because it can turn into pneumonia and pneumonia can kill you and yes it's mostly attacking older people people above the age of seventy people with underlying health problems but it also goes after younger people as well as I pointed out the doctor in China I tried to warn the whole world about the problem and the Chinese government shut him down and kept him from speaking it was thirty five years old he got covert nineteen he's dead today his pregnant wife also got covert nineteen I don't know her status status at

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