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Kamala Harris Endorses Joe Biden for President


Voting California senator Kamilla Harris I just wanted you guys know I've decided that I am with great enthusiasm going to endorse Joe Biden for president of the United States she says she'll join the former vice president at a rally in Michigan tomorrow Bernie Sanders announcing he has the backing out of civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson meantime a progressive group with close ties to Elizabeth Warren is urging its members to support Bernie Sanders and Michigan's democratic presidential primary on Tuesday the group that was stopping short of an endorsement the progressive change campaign committee has sent a message out to its nearly sixteen thousand members in Michigan the group says it wants to see the primary campaign go on as long as possible to ensure that Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are sufficiently tested to face president trump in November and that means voting strategically for Sanders the group says its heart broken that Elizabeth Warren is out of the race but if the goal is to beat trump you want to be super shore Bernie and Biden are tested and can go the

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Kamala Harris Endorses Joe Biden for President

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