Dr. Oz talks about the coronavirus and how to protect yourself


And now we see a repeat of the hysteria where ultimately nothing will happen well I I don't think this virus is as deadly as sars so if that helps the laypeople spears I think you're right and I surely wouldn't panic with drug wearing masks around town but it's going to cost the world about fifty billion dollars so there's a significant economic impact is already having a major influence in your corner fifty sixty million people but you have a bigger challenge which is why these viruses coming out so today we had almost two thousand it took it up for a round the world Paul hill and the other people who died eighties I mentioned again as a nine month old so it can be painful what happened but this the flu virus the red label implemented that we have every year it's only taken twenty thousand watch out eighty thousand and twenty eighteen by the way yeah the pro rated so so so much bigger number is that after that we can prevent or lease of every do since mid magnitude just a getting of actually already have we don't have a vaccine for the virus we won't have a for a while tell us is doctor rise again his bony pointed out box five at one o'clock in the afternoon if in fact it comes you in bigger numbers even though it's party has pointed out very still be by the way born on has not been the case the last couple of times with some of the history that's gone I would stop the meeting for the countries including China if it does come one of one of the some of the symptoms that folks will start to experience that they may in fact one to a hospital thinking they may have this coronavirus what they gonna think they have the flow at the start but the problem with this car on this new coronavirus it goes from your head quickly into your lungs and is that the bone yeah and illnesses around the ones that are most concerning to us and unfortunately in the bigger issue for everybody focused on it you often will not if we can help not have symptoms when you're contagious it started most viruses your information here to be you know five seven days but when you get sick that's when you're shutting virus that's when your taxes the Chinese leadership is now reporting that with this virus that's not the case the fourteen day can be much longer we won't know how bad it is for these two weeks but more importantly you'll be walking lock you into tastic coming home give your kids that is checking his any co workers out about and you could still be infectious and that makes it much more difficult for us to contain the number of people get ill so what's the remedy duck do you recommend a a vaccine of the program but for everybody in the country or what what do we do now we wash your hands I think that is actually the simplest easiest thing to do thank you to people you make you why is it so important we touch our fingers to our face thousands of times a day and the virus primarily will get you to someone sat next to where you are but there's a hand with infection on that handrail you touch or if they coffin on will and you sit at the table and put your hands within that handles your ears or your mouth your nose your eyes and that's how the virus gets in deal and so that's simple the removal washing your hands use the had sanitizer if you're out and about and you get if you see a lot of folks it is easy think we do protect you everyone around you if you do get sick we do happen to have symptoms please stay don't be that person at all

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