13 tech tips for how to work at home

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On nights and weekends turbo tax. All people are tax people in the wake of the corona virus. Many companies are asking their employees to now work at home which is a great thing. I've been working at home for a long time. I love it and if you're new to the experience I've got thirteen tips that you're gonna WanNa think about. I'm Jefferson Graham. You're listening to talking tech. We begin with a good Internet connection. Because of course you'll get nowhere if you can't get online so be sure to work near the router if he can or if you need extra boost splurge on a mesh system. Like Amazon's Eero Google's nest WIFI which help evenly distribute the Wi fi signal and make it stronger in the home. There's also the hot spot and hotspot can work for you. The only problem is there's a finite amount of data that you can usually get from your wireless company. I two hundred gigs. A month that lasts about a day number two a dedicated space place that all yours and has your name on it. I like privacy. You may not be able to get privacy in your home but just a good spot with a comfortable chair that you can sit in for eight hours a day number three. Put a post it note on the door during a caller meeting. Leave a note for Fedex on the Front Door. So you're not running to go answer the door and let people know that you work at home and that you're actually working and not on a break. Let's talk about meetings? Many office workers like to do meetings. And they WANNA see your face and communicate with you. That's never been easier. Thanks to a multitude of free meeting programs. You'll need a Webcam if your computer doesn't have a built in one or use your smartphone camera now what programs to use you could do facetime skype. Facebook Messenger Google hangouts and many of them will let you bring in other uses. Well Zoom is the go-to program for companies and it's also free for individuals but meetings Max out at forty minutes number six pro instant messaging tools again you can use messenger. What's up apples? I messages to keep in touch and real time and help. Tame the ever-growing email inbox many companies prefer dedicated networks designed for business. If your company doesn't have one two of the best ones started free. Microsoft teams and slack number seven headphones. If you're going to be taking the meeting you WanNa be hands-free a good pair of ear. Buds will go a long way many people. Swear by Apple's air pods or the new airports pro- those are two hundred fifty dollars. A cheaper alternative is Amazon's Echo Buds. Which sell for one hundred? Twenty nine dollars number eight. Calendars share. What you're doing with co workers with a share calendar best free option is Google calendar number. Nine security be on your toes. Do not click any malicious links as always think before you click number ten little things a cellphone holder will hold your phone up while it's being charged and you can speak into it hands-free a power strip will help tremendously as a place to plug in the laptop phone and headphone charger in more. I recently picked up a twelve outlet. Belkin power strips surge protector for twenty two dollars and I don't have to hunt for available outlets anymore number eleven a second screen. You can expand your laptop into a much wider point of view my USA Today Collie Kelly tyco swears by it. She likes the ACIS. Mb One six eight. Be a fifteen inch monitor. Looks like a standalone IPAD. She's got her publishing software on one side in Microsoft teams on the other. It's quite the show number. Twelve free phone calls how to do International. Maybe you're going to have to make an international call and you won't have the office phone system to do so skype will let you do skype skype calls for free. What if you need to dial a phone number skype charges? Five dollars and fifty cents for two hundred twenty minutes of time which is a lot of time. The Japanese APP line. Will you make international calls for free if you watch an ad? I and we're GONNA and number thirteen most importantly the willpower not to wash the dishes. Go to the bathroom and eat all day long instead of working

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