With Black Voters and a Suburban Surge, Joe Biden Took Texas


And I gotta say we were pretty surprised last night the Joe Biden was able to pull this out a lot of the polls had Bernie Sanders doing very very well yeah pretty disappointing showing what's it say about the state of the party right I think it did in the Democratic Party and non democratic I is very strong and unified and this is an argument that I've been looking for a very long time that one is not a Democrat and the idea that we're going to line up behind someone who doesn't even want to be in our club Adam is problematic on its face and that we shouldn't be making assumptions about a rate before we heard from African American voters are the core voting bloc of the Democratic Party and you know I was in Iowa and New Hampshire or Iowa one of the more disappointing evening we got the results from my yet I think we're still waiting on those he won by a like half of hers that by you know I'm sitting there thinking like were you know you are on TV ads on TV on radio podcast all about it when we're driving up content Meredith right about what's going on and every bit of information and back out right away and I found myself wanting to get wait be quiet and say just wait hello we have not had black actor Edward most reliable voters on the democratic side say what they think about that then I mean you've been using the same time that I wonder Hampshire kind of turning around either Bernie Sanders are people to judge or Amy Klobuchar having a really good one Burke was riding high remember when you got it second and third place with that perking up and Caroline I want him to be on the ballot but had not all the advertising and Joe Biden we would black voters really getting trapped in it went from forty or fifty point thirty point twenty point thirty think what's going on here is not a white liberal progressive primaries and caucus is going to drive what happens after Alaina and I've recommended the people down there works very closely with what kind of bird thank you me now now now now what black motors will come home enjoyable you know Biden at home and I think the indoor kind of web platform can't be underestimated and all of that and also what you're buying what people call us in convincing Amy and keep her drop out and not only drop out because when I did dalet right and in the worst side by side very moving moment obviously when you compare it to his son battle hit late and battle and I think Amy did that the backbeat he auditioned she caught her eye considering the circumstances on Monday night in Dallas and you know that okay that's how so what a burger or whatever skateboarding is a way to interest I would never date bad girl I mean anything more than I had crews go out right I got it I was like okay I get why people are into that a little overly energized and he just had to wait more than I do which is hard to do it all came together yeah he's a he was a bit of a goofy Canada but it's I'm sure nice for finding that he got the endorsement I want to know why why do black voters like Joe Biden I don't understand I I get why they wouldn't like to judge or a Bernie Sanders or any of the other democratic candidates that I don't like but what are they like about Joe Biden I think a lot of it is just about showing up first of all there's a lot of discussion about what goes on in terms of retail politicking with the black community right that people might come around when you need their vote yeah Joe Biden actually has always come around and and not just when you need a boat I think his state is the substantive part of that he talked about his Catholic faith and I don't know if you thought that the and I have always had a very building exchange what's your name enamel eagle rock can't white in the shooting there where he talks about his personal faith and and the unifying nature out believing in something bigger than ourselves obviously being Michael Bowman VP matters a lot but you know there there there's a bit of a false narrative I think surrounding the crime bill for engine which people like to forget or at least liberal like you forget that it was overwhelmingly supported by the black community and black people on the ground and all the black politicians and pastors who were ready for these measures that they are the people who actually have to live in the community they want to clean up their own three yeah right and I think that's why you D. A. R. E. we are blowing her top about the crime bill and black voters generally at least one over the age of sixty giving you a shrug and paying back with the time demand right and Joe Biden and do this because he's a racist and I like Bernie Sanders also correct right he he hate to talk about that but I'm just gonna put that on the record and there's a collective shrug because the times were different it doesn't mean things weren't wrong and we can talk about boxing and is that what and what it did to community but I don't think that the narrative that the car last or that right wingers were trying to create about Joe Biden was ever going to resonate with that core voting bloc that feels fundamentally comfortable with him similarly to how they felt about

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