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Coronavirus Testing Available With a Doctor’s Approval, C.D.C. Says


New CDC guidelines say any American who suspects they have corona virus can be tested for the potentially deadly disease with approval from a doctor however the delay in testing has some worried that the U. S. is ability to detect and prevent the virus has become compromised CDSs Dr tearing a rule explains how commercial labs are now trying to develop testing kicks kits to fill the country's growing need the FDA says they're only fifteen thousand corona virus test kits available because of that it's authorized commercial labs to develop more tests by week's end the CDC expects state health departments to have enough test kits to test one million people the delay in CDC test kits isn't stopping some states from unveiling their own testing procedures public health experts say it's all hands on deck we cannot have a system which is centralized in a few laboratories really the front line battle of the response to the canoe corona virus will be done in the outpatient clinics in the hospitals private hospitals like NYU Langone own are also making plans I think the CDC was under testing dot Jennifer lighter manages infection control and expects the medical center's own coronavirus test will be ready in about a month to really establish a new test needs a certain amount of validation and times across the East River at Northwell health's L. I. J. Forrest hills hospital health care workers are preparing for a potential surge of coronavirus patients the hospital sits between two of the York city's international airports officials here are concerned this could become an epicenter for corona virus but say they are prepared what that's CBS's Dr tearing a rule of

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