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Send off their captain as he was relieved of duty in Guam play clip six <Speech_Male>


Go over together you have the USS Theodore Roosevelt's a a an aircraft carrier and captain Brad crozier who was removed from his post I wasn't fired from the navy I was seeing some people thinking that same thing that he was removed from his post which is a big deal when you spend twenty years of your life of your career to get to the point where you are the captain of an aircraft carrier that's a that's a big deal I don't I'm not a navy navy man myself but I know enough to know that aircraft carriers an expensive piece of equipment a lot of people you responsible for on board and here's what happened captain crozier was worried about the health of the men on board because they had an outbreak of cold in nineteen and he did not think the navy was being responsive enough he sent a letter to to the brass and the letter leaked to the media and he was removed from his post because he did not take necessary care to prevent that for prevent that letter from making its way to the media and here is how the sailors the thousands of sailors and airmen and marines on that ship send off their captain as he was relieved of duty

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Send off their captain as he was relieved of duty in Guam play clip six <Speech_Male>

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