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Is a complete almost un navigable nightmare


So government money right everybody is excited we're going to get money from the government is going to be great all the eligible people getting their twelve hundred dollar stimulus we don't know when that's going to happen well I don't I don't know if you're like me but as it is a small business owner in taxes I usually take my time getting them in you know get the April fifteenth deadline but I'm gonna usually if my taxes are more complicated than the average person I'm not saying I'm running Microsoft over here but so I usually take my time however once the stimulus passed a very quickly told by Calum hurry up and get those taxes in selling off twenty nineteen and thankfully I got my my taxes in the head of the government stimulus coming out I'm sure many people out there in fact I know we're exactly like me rushing your taxes to get them done with your trained tax professional well for twenty nineteen but people I think you you know who else we're gonna get money and then I heard from so many people over the past week with the when the stimulus bill passed because obviously if you if you listen to the show you know I've been very critical of that robbed the small businesses they need that money they need to help you're being very mean to these small businesses are being put out of work as a man and he don't understand how it works you've never been eligible to get money from the federal government those of us who have we know that's a nightmare a path you don't ever want to have to go down no I speak from experience I used to own a business in North Carolina and at numerous points during owning that business there were hurricanes that went through that's what happens if you own anything on the east coast especially on the southeast coast the the hurricanes there are like tornadoes here only they happen more often they don't panic during move the people there they don't freak out it's just a way of life they know they're going to happen you many people pay extra for insurance to have the privilege of owning but it's all factored in the cost of doing business there but when the hurricanes go through the federal government comes in and very often they're declared disaster areas and businesses are eligible just like they're eligible under the stimulus program to quote unquote get money from the government I heard so many small business people I'm going to play for my money the government's going to give me basically for anybody this is going to be great I said none of them let me tell you about how the government works when they give you money and quickly as I've heard over the past couple days as this as people been eligible to apply it's all happening to these people now getting money from the government unless you're a large corporation with a slew of accountants and tax attorneys and lawyers on hand is a complete almost un navigable nightmare and unless you need huge sums of money the time it takes to ask for the money is not worth it because you could be rebuilding your business it is impossible and this is the story that totally sums up to me how the federal government works it works for businesses or from people at center when they get involved not one of the hurricane I think it was the hurricane in two thousand sixteen I forget the name of it came through the southeast coast destroyed a large portion of the area and people as they always do that let's go back in and rebuild they don't quite about that a lot of others may happen let's move on one guy was was pretty handy was a friend of mine down there he his home was hit is almost hurt but he's very handy to put most of it back together he goes to the federal government because there there that you literally coming in camps down there when hurricanes hit and they'll set up tents and you can go applied you can tell what you need they help you do the paperwork that he walks up to him and says I don't really need help with anything I just need some paint and that my son usually so why would just debate well all the hardware stores get really they get looted basically had doubts legal people still stop they just buy all the stuff up as quick as they can and you can't get stuff down there because there's no way in or out many of the roads get destroyed etcetera so we come to the federal government does look out any money I need rent I can fix what's wrong in my home I just need a can of paint that's what twenty Bucks I need to get a paid I can't get access to it you don't happen to a guy federal government comes in to us we're gonna need to inspect your house and they come to him they go to his house and look at it has the no no you can't you can't live here yeah no I I totally can it's it's fun really handy with tools and sister I just need some paint to do some stuff no no you can't live here that guy ended up we ended up as taxpayers paying for that guy to live in a in a another limit was an apartment for basic like ten weeks until the government declared he could have his paint and go fix is home to clear they can move back in I get a guy whose hand he knew what he wanted was fine living where I live just needed a twenty dollar can of paint ended up costing the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars and he's super conservative and he was totally livid about it that's what happens when you get involved with the federal government you're literally getting in bed with the devil itself and these people now who need the money who by the way let's repeat it again if your small business was shut down the government put you out of work I can't repeat this enough and I'm not doing it to be me I'm not meaning it to be some some older but if you're out of business right now there's about a ninety seven percent chance the government entity and if you're out of work right now there's also a ninety seven percent chance you can thank the government what the small business owners are finding because the initial form you fill out with many of these banks which are the bigger ones it's like two pages you fill it out great this could be easy then the banks have to verify yes the initial application my friends that's super easy then comes the verification because the banks are ultimately who's on the hook the banks are the ones who are going to get the money back they're dispersing the money they get the money back and you know what sort of vetting process the bank said because the bank thank the government my friend the bank saying it for anybody with the bank N. as a taxpayer be the verification process to get my money they want pages upon pages upon pages which are hours upon hours upon hours verifications bank statements W. twos employment verification things that the average small business owner who this is supposed to help do they can't do it so you know what happens here and I've heard in on other shows etcetera people calling in saying the same things I already knew because I've been through it when hurricane in my business it was way easier once I could get there just to spend the money and fix it myself because it would have taken months and months to get this money from the government this is basic right away by that point you got to do it yourself what these people are finding is that they can't help small business the federal government can't do anything officially and they certainly can't help small business so you know who's gonna get help here and we're already seeing the big businesses just like with the stimulus in the bailouts in two thousand nine you know who got help Wall Street not main street small businesses are going to die because of the federal government the big businesses with the lawyers and the accountants and the attorneys who are on staff and getting paid anyway they're going to be fine and got buses people they're not doing anything wrong god bless them I work for a large corporation I love large corporation I love rich people but if you think the federal government is going to help small businesses or small people as someone who has been through it I can tell you they will not they will not the only way to be help is to help yourself and we're shutting everything down the government won't even let you do that ninety three WIBC rock and roll show

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Is a complete almost un navigable nightmare

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